Hermès Ulysse Leather Notebook

I think we can agree that anything Hermès is worth writing about. I mean luxury is always worth writing about, non?

But let’s contextualize. At this stage I’d say it’s best to re-cap how Hermès effortlessly evokes feelings escapism and endless travel. Voyages of the imagination – remember how much you loved riding a bike on Lake Como? – That’s right dear reader, a lot. On some rare occasions pure escapism can actually meet good old practicalities. This is such an occasion. 

The point is Hermès makes an exceptional notebook, the Ulysse (available in two sizes). So exceptional you’ll force yourself to use your very best cursive (and even that won’t be good enough). My Ulysse notebook came in Gold Taurillon Clemence leather and unsurprisingly is beyond perfection. The suppleness and grain of the leather is unlike any other. The whole thing just makes you want to write something noteworthy, noHermès-worthy.
*For more information and to purchase, vist the Hermès e-boutique by clicking here.
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