Egyptian Magic (Las Vegas Survival Guide)

I’m constantly on the hunt for that special ‘something’ – that one magical product that actually stands by the promises it makes. And being from New Zealand, I’ve grown accustomed to hearing whispers of the cosmetic power of bee’s wax, manuka honey, royal jelly and even bee stings. (In-fact, beauty experts and industry insiders have been busy buzzing about bees for years.)

Enter Egyptian Magic, the all-natural, all-purpose skin cream that can be used everywhere. I’ve long been a fan of face oils for their effectiveness in delivering incredible nourishment, so how could I not love a waxy cream that, once warmed-up between fingers, takes on a luxurious oil-like consistency? The rich combination of beeswax, bee pollen, olive oil, bee propolis and royal jelly works to soothe skin while eliminating everything from acne and stretch marks, to dandruff. Although nothing is scientifically proven, I am living proof that Egyptian Magic works wonders on dry skin. Seven full days in Las Vegas taught me that.

Here’s a fact: switching between arid desert air and artificially air-conditioned hotels won’t do much for your skin. In-fact, my hands and elbows became painfully dry. But Egyptian Magic saved all of me, (face, elbows, hands included) for its ability to provide sustained moisture. And (as if that wasn’t enough) the short-term results have been remarkable. After continued use my skin feels softer, supple, and appears dewy, bright and clear. I’ve even taken to using ‘The Magic’ as an aftershave balm.

– Photos by Alexander Atkins. To learn more and to shop, click here.

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