Basic Layering

In case you missed it, layers are everything – New York in January coupled with a particularly offensive Polar Vortex taught me that. But layers are more than just barriers against wind chill and adverse (i.e. abominable) weather conditions. They’re actually brilliant for many reasons / occasions / climates. By now it should be blatantly obvious: I’m a huge proponent.

Incorporating layering into your wardrobe essentially means creating a year-round excuse to include a variety of texture and dimension into everything you wear. Gone are the “I’ll just throw on jeans and a t-shirt” days. It’s adventure time, and the point is to experiment – be it with color, fabric, length and fit.

I recently decided to take a neutral approach to pretty much everything – perhaps in an effort to prove that grey is decidedly un-boring. (In-fact, grey has started to factor in all my choices. For instance, my new Lanvin shoes work best with grey jeans.) With this new mantra, it became clear that any future layering would involve similar, if not tone-on-tone scenarios. As a test I recently paired Vince Camuto’s charcoal ‘Car Coat’ with a basic Alexander Wang tee underneath my favorite Dries van Noten oversized sweater (also grey). The low-scoop of the sweater gives dimension and texture, while a basic pair of slim-fit Acne jeans serve to anchor everything in an uncomplicated way. I’ve been wearing different versions of this ever since.

– Alexander Atkins, wearing a Vince Camuto overcoat, an Alexander Wang tee, Acne jeans , and Illesteva sunglasses. Photographed by Cara Beth Rogers in Burlingame, California. 


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  • Gone are the “I’ll just throw on jeans and a t-shirt” days… I don’t know if I’ll feel bad for you guys or not, jeans and t-shirt (though paired with boots) is my ultimate go-to pieces but there something about layering that instantly takes simple pieces to the next level of chic. I guess just enjoy it while the polar vortex lasts :))

  • Laviña Jampit

    I like the sunnies 🙂

  • Layering is my most favorite part about fashion. It just adds depth to an outfit. I love your shades!

  • Loving this so much! great outfit, this kind of coats are just love!!