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A quick moment from a typical morning.

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Hairspiration: Michael Douglas

To say Michael Douglas has great hair is an understatement. Rather, I’d say he’s had a career of exceptional hair. Besides, we all can use a little inspiration from time-to-time, and what is the point of a proper Throwback Thursday really if not to inspire? That’s right dear reader, inspiration is the point.  I’ve long …

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Prime Cut – Fur and Menswear

While spring is T-minus 16 days away, you can never really be too prepared for next winter. It’s a matter of basic instinct. Squirreling away your nuts, so to speak. Not unlike the nuts-thing, wearing fur is a primeval instinct too, and judging by Sharon Stone’s infamous leg-cross I’d say I’m on to something (too …

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The New York City Beanie

Something obvious happened at New York Fashion Week: every Tom, Dick and Harry did the oversized beanie thing. Perhaps we’re all having a string of bad hair days? It’s possible but let’s be honest, this trend is everywhere. Practically speaking I get it, it’s really cold (damn-you windchill factor!) and there really is nothing worse than …

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