Aesop London Kit & Carry-On Case

Aesop really is the best friend anyone could ask for. Good-looking, trustworthy, useful – did I mention good-looking? There’s not much to argue about. But it gets better. Aesop now curates perfectly compact travel kits for those unexpected on-the-go situations. And because we all hate the inevitable scramble (not least disastrous results) of rushed packing (unless we’re receiving instruction from Louis Vuitton), nothing could be more practical than a pre-packed toilet bag. Can you tell I’m into it?
Besides convenience (ahem, always a major point) there’s nothing like guinea pig-ing yourself out to a whole bunch of travel-sized miniatures. I mean, they all need to be tested. It’s only fair. The whole thing can be very liberating – you might find yourself deciding: “fuck it. I will try that face mask and listen to Gilles Peterson in Brazil while starfishing on my bed.”  Yo-to-the-Lo. What’s the worse that could happen? You might go crazy and commit to a full-sized product? Ok, I hear you. You’re probably going: “what about my 3 steps? I’m ALL ABOUT my 3 steps.” Yes, you’re right. A solid skincare regimen is great and all, but sometimes the best part about the routine is breaking it. I’m human. You’re human. Switch-it up, no one likes a bore. Now let’s discuss the details.
I was drawn to Aesop’s ‘London’ travel kit immediately, simply because I lived there (probably not the best justification, but whatever – this isn’t physics class). Then I discovered it included a few of my favorite products (now staples) from the Parsley Seed range. 
WHAT’S INSIDE  You’ll be getting all the necessities including the Classic Shampoo and Conditioner, Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, Rind Concentrate Body BalmParsley Seed Facial Cleanser, Toner and Hydrator, and of course the Bain de Bouche. Basically the only thing left to worry about is your toothbrush.
I’d recommend keeping your Aesop travel pack fully stocked and ready for grabbing at any given moment. Life is about spontaneity – not bad grooming practices.
CUSTOMIZE IT  Aesop’s brand new Carry-On Travel Case means you can now choose to pack your own in-flight grooming essentials. Designed to conform to international travel restrictions and requirements, each signature amber bottle (100ml) and pot (15ml) can be filled with any of your favorite Aesop products, time and time-again. Because Aesop is all about being thoughtful, blank labels have been included to avoid any mid-air confusion.
Alongside the ‘London’ Kit, Aesop also makes a ‘Boston’ and ‘Jet Set’ Kit. Click here for more details and to shop.
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  • Stefani

    Love this article!! Aesop is my favourite skincare and I always make my brothers/partners use it!