Simple in Stripes

Just a quick update on stripes, mostly because they’re the one ‘print’ I consistently wear and love. Growing-up I never thought to discriminate against width or direction – although I’ll invariably gravitate towards the horizontal side of things, especially where tees are concerned. Both bold and beautiful, I’ve always found stripes add something good to everything… especially when used in moderation (i.e. one piece). Recently I’ve been pairing a simple striped tee below John Elliott’s Stadium Jacket (which feels just as buttery as it looks), plus a pair of mirrored shades – these are by Tomas Maier (and now 100% essential).

Jacket / John Elliott • Tee / Tomorrowland Japan • Sunglasses / Tomas Maier • Denim / Nudie Jeans • Sneakers / Common Projects • Photography / Justin Duplantis and me. 

mr-essentialist-style summer-mens-style

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