Stephen Webster’s Thumbs Up!

This story begins in Beverly Hills (which means it’s going to be good) and deals with the notion that more is always more. So if you’re one of those minimal ‘I paint everything white and love clear acrylic furniture’ types, well, this probably isn’t going to be your thing. But don’t click away just yet. You might surprise yourself – I know I did.

In fact I only recently became interested in the idea of layering rings, probably because I’ve been stacking bracelets for a while and things always seem to creep-up on me (that is to say my fingers were becoming insanely jealous of the outrageously fun wrist parties I was hosting just a couple of inches away). So in an effort to satisfy every last extremity and in the name of pavé, pierced skulls and studs I ventured back to Stephen Webster flagship on Rodeo Drive and got a-stacking. The result? A resounding (and quite literal) two thumbs up!

For starters the various black rhodium pavé ‘spinner’ rings are clever in that they give you something to do in moments of boredom (aside from twiddling your thumbs). Each is part of the ‘Highwayman’ collection and features black, blue or yellow pavé sapphires. Also I will forever be partial to a solid studded band. Why? Any grouped-stud situation will inevitably remind me of a belt I once owned (a nod to a fleeting Blink-182 style moment – don’t ask). But when push comes to shove (which often is the case when shopping for jewelry) I’m always going to be drawn to the skull. It’s the whole overtly and unapologetically badass thing, which is entirely not me and therefore completely alluring. I mean who doesn’t like a pierced skull ring? This one features a black rhodium plated shank and a rose gold plated Union Jack motif, so that’s something.

A quick Google search unanimously dictates Webster as putting the rocks in rock’n’roll, but his reality is actually far more romantic (albeit dark, moody and mysterious). And while an on-going courtship of the Ferry’s and Bowie’s of the world serves to satisfy his deep-rooted obsession of glam-rock, for me Webster’s aesthetic boils down to two fundamental things: careful craftsmanship and exceptional design. Both are executed with ease.

– Photos by Jessica Craig and Alexander Atkins.

Stephen Webster Skull Ring
Stephen Webster Spinner Rings

Stephen Webster Rodeo Drive
Stephen Webster Men's Jewelry

Stephen Webster Beverly Hills is located at 202 North Rodeo Drive. Call 310 246 9500 for information.

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