Custom Ray-Ban Aviators

I’m all for customized things. They’re just better. They are unmistakably ‘you’, which inadvertently means it becomes more of a challenge for others to claim said things as theirs. Confused? Let me explain. Did anyone else have their name / initials embroidered onto clothing labels growing-up? (My mother actually went one step further and had custom labels made and sewn-in…) The idea was to ensure that your fabulous Petit Bateau cashmere whatever remained well and truly yours (let’s not forget that the fifth grade essentially is a cesspool filled with sticky-fingered bandits). So yes, the custom world and I are well acquainted.

Enter Ray-Ban and their new campaign ‘Remix‘, which allows customers to virtually personalize any of the brand’s eight iconic frames. As I’m confident any avid Ray-Ban wearer would attest, being given the opportunity to tailor a certified classic is hugely exciting. I chose the legendary aviator; silver frames, white temple tips (engraved with my initials) and mirrored ‘blue flash’ lenses. The vibe is unapologetically Miami Vice – to pair with my theme song in life (we all have one – what’s yours?): a remix of ‘Crockett’s Theme‘ by FPU.

– Customize your favorite pair of Ray-Bans here. Photos by Megan Mouren and Alexander Atkins. Feature in collaboration with Ray-Ban.

ray-ban-custom-remixmr-essentialist-custom-ray-ban ray-ban-mr-essentialistray-ban-aviators-metallicray-ban-reflective-aviatorsray-ban-remix-custom-aviatorsray-ban-aviators-california

what do you think?
  • Oliver Lips

    So awesome! Love the shades 🙂

  • That’s really cool, thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

  • Hampus

    These pics are on point.

  • Amazing. I love ray ban too!!

  • Irene

    What great pictures! And love your reminisce over those fifth graders!

  • Oh my gosh— I LOVE this! I think I am going to get a pair for my husband— he desperately needs a new pair of sunglasses, and I think this is something he would really enjoy. Thanks for sharing– love the shades!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper