For Mom (And You): The Scented Candle

Pyromaniac or not, I think you’ll find most people savor the elegant ambience created by a low flickering flame. But what happens if said flame effuses a delicious scent? I, for one, have enjoyed a steady relationship with scented candles. They, like all things great (chamomile tea, yoga, etc), have the ability to soothe and calm. Historically-speaking, I wasn’t much a of candle-snob (in fact IKEA’s basic vanilla number served me well for many years), but then my college roommate went and ruined everything by gifting me Diptique’s Feu de Bois. I’ve subsequently judged every candle since on a.) scent, and b.) aesthetic. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, and because mothers en-générale appreciate all things fragranced and pretty, I burned four scented candles. The point here is simple; nothing says  ‘I ♥ You’ like a good scented candle.

1.) Sweet Ash by Baxter of California: Part of a trio of ‘ash’ themed candles, Baxter of California’s Sweet Ash boasts notes of rare dark woods, cedar, pine, sandalwood, cade and smokey ash, all melded with patchouli and spicy ginger. If camp trips à la Yosemite are her ‘thing’, then she’ll dig Sweet Ash. The soy wax candle will burn for approximately 80 hours, transporting you to the depths of the Sierra Nevada. Appropriate Soundtrack: Kumbaya.

2.) Orange Blossom by Jo Malone: If you’re after something zesty and fresh then Orange Blossom by Jo Malone is your best bet. With a top note of clementine leaf and base notes of white lilac and orriswood, it’s no wonder this scent has become a staple in many enviable boudoirs. Described as ‘transporting the wearer to a garden oasis’, Orange Blossom brings warmth to any environment (for 45 hours at least). Appropriate Soundtrack: Handel’s Water Music.

3.) Cognac by Archipelago: Is Mom a bit of a lush? Don’t fret, Archipelago’s Cognac candle is the perfect option. A blend of aged bourbon accord, dark amber and spicy wood creates a warm, fuzzy mood for approximately 90 hours (something we all should savor from time to time). Presented in a mirror-like gold tinted glass case and packaged in an embossed mock-crock gift box, why not pair this gift with a little bottle of Hennessy? Appropriate Soundtrack: Pass the Courvoisier, Part II.

4.) Cuban Tobacco by Atelier Lumira: Hailing from Down Under, Atelier Lumira’s Cuban Tobacco is unparalleled. With top notes of tangerine, cardamom and clove bud, and base notes of patchouli, musk, vanilla, mahogany and tobacco, Cuban Tobacco forges a uniquely elegant environment (think 19th Century gentleman’s club). Lumira’s signature ebony glass packaging exudes luxury, making any of their candles an exceptionally charming objet d’art. Appropriate Soundtrack: Hotel Costes Vol 10.

– Photos by Alexander Atkins.

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