Four Fresh Fragrances (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t one of the greatest compliments being told you smell nice/delicious/etc? Sure, it’s a little uncomfortable when someone you’ve just met actively sniffs your wrists or neck in a game of ‘Guess that Scent’, but a compliment is a compliment – act flattered. Emily Post aside, fragrance is personal – getting ‘yours’ should be a priority, every season. With summer undeniably in-sight, I’d suggest transitioning away from anything musky and robust to something delicate and fresh. Of course I adore the Creed‘s, Byredo‘s and Tom Ford Private Blend’s of this world, but I also like to pay rent. So, in the spirit of financial stability, a review of four fresh and affordable fragrances, below:

1.) Eau de Lacoste Noir by Lacoste: Described as ‘intensely refreshing’, I’d say Lacoste’s Noir would have paired perfectly with anything Coachella-related (not to mention the brand’s well-attended pool party). Inspired by warm summer evenings and boasting top notes of watermelon, French lavender, Egyptian basil and verbena, Noir is undoubtedly fresh. Then (as most summer nights do) things heat-up as base notes of dark chocolate, cashmeran, coumarin and patchouli come into play. The bottle is simple and understated – a nod, of-course, to the classic polo shirt. Likely Customer: a sophisticated 18 year-old, who may-or-may not wear Axe.

2.) Boss Unlimited by Hugo Boss: As a good German should, Boss’ Unlimited evokes all things sleek, cool and streamlined.  Top notes including green mint and iced violet make way for the cool citrus vibes carried by grapefruit and chilled pineapple. Base notes of cinnamon, cistus and spicy sandalwood make Unlimited bold, but not overbearing. Created for a man ‘without compromise’, I’d say Unlimited is unapologetically energetic (and my favorite ‘affordable’ option). I love the minimal matte white bottle, which exudes stark efficiency. Likely Customer: my orthodontist (#allwhiteeverything).

3.) Homme by Vince Camuto: Love citrus, jaunts on the Mediterranean and crisp, cool breezes? I’d say Vince Camuto’s Homme is your point of call. Top notes of zesty pressed citron, juniper berry, iced gin and French lavender give way to base notes of atlas cedar and warm musk. Designed to evoke the spirit of travel and adventure, Homme is undeniably fresh. The bottle’s blue leather casing and silver hardware convey a characteristically ‘riviera’ vibe, which isn’t ever a bad thing. Likely Customer: a seasoned Ibiza go-er.

4.) Compass by Tommy Bahama: ‘Tropical’ and ‘adventurous’ best describes the Compass wearer (who ideally exudes vibrance and confidence). The most dense of the four fragrances, top notes of lemon, ripe grapefruit and violet are soon accompanied by spicy pimento, lavender and robust sage. In-time, base notes of island rockrose, gray amber, cedar wood and tonka bean create warmth. Likely Customer: Bear Grylls or anyone who enjoys a jalapeño-infused margarita (i.e. someone exceedingly venturesome).

– Photos by Alexander Atkins.

Eau-De-Lacoste-Noir-SprayLacoste-Noir-CologneHugo-Boss-Unlimited-FragranceHUGO-BOSS-BOSS-BOTTLED-UNLIMITEDboss-hugo-boss-unlimited-colognevince-camuto-homme-perfumevince-camuto-homme-cologne tommy-bahama-compass-cologne

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