The Custom iPhone Case Giveaway

Let’s be frank; your choice of iPhone case speaks volumes. It’s just one of those things – an inevitable fact of 21st century life, much like the ineluctability of Midtown traffic. As expected, the options are vast. You could settle on rows of glimmering rhinestones, or perhaps you’ll vere towards something sleek, streamlined, and invisible. Then there are the designers – Gucci makes an enviable option. I’ve done it all but nothing seems to stick (a monogramed Smythson croc number came close once). My affliction? I’ve caught the let’s-customize-everything bug, which means I’m acutely allergic to anything readily available en masse, something which is proving to be exceedingly problematic (thanks for asking).

The solution? Meet Caseable, purveyor extraordinaire of the customized smartphone/laptop/iPad/etc case. Based in Berlin and Brooklyn, Caseable has created a virtual tool allowing customers to design and customize a plethora of tech accessories. I opted for a marble iPhone snap cover (isn’t there something inexplicably elegant about stone?). The result is remarkably accurate. What’s more, Caseable ship to North America, Australia, and most European countries. Eureka!

Caseable is offering three MR ESSENTIALIST readers the chance to design and create their own smartphone case. To enter simply comment below, follow on Instagram and like on Facebook. Three winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, June 4th. This post is sponsored by Caseable


what do you think?
  • Kai

    The marble case looks fantastic! I’d love to be able to design my own.

  • Jamiel Virata

    This looks so slick!

  • Irene

    very elegant after having seen a lot of glitz and glam on a recent visit to Thailand!

  • andrew

    Slick lines and very cool materials

  • Maria L

    I’m one of the lucky few who actually got to paw at this sleek beauty.. lovin the marble look and matte finish.

  • Gabriel

    Beautiful – Needs one!

  • Daniel Cottes

    I would love to win! 🙂

  • Nice case.