Win This: Baxter of California Shave 123 Kit

Like so many things grooming-related, shaving has always been a chore. Perhaps its ubiquity in my routine annoys me, but wanting to appear well kempt takes effort and consistency (even designer stubble must be maintained). And so I shave – once every five days (I’m lucky in that respect). Yet the result was never quite right; Nicks and cuts, razor burn, irritation that would gradually subside, only to be replaced by a fresh round from the following shave. In short, shaving has put my face through the ringer.

The shaving brush came into my life about a year ago, and my world (by which I mean to say my skin) changed. You see shaving is a ritual, and understanding that preparation, quality tools, and carefully formulated products are integral to that ritual is key. A sharp blade is crucial – yes. But what a beautifully crafted, 100% badger hair shaving brush does that the simple slap of foam won’t, is lift facial hair away from skin while creating of luxe lather. The result? Your blade glides smoothly, slicing follicles with ease.

And so, in the spirit 0f achieving the perfect shave, I’ve teamed-up with Baxter of California to offer one MR E reader the chance to win the brand’s signature Shave 123 Kit. The kit includes a German-made Badger Brush, Baxter’s award-winning Super Close Shave Formula, and their anti-oxidant rich After Shave Balm.

Two Steps To Win:

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– One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, January 21st.  Photographs by Alexander Atkins.


what do you think?
  • Vicky van der Togt

    I would love to win this for my boyfriend! He just turned 26, so it’s about time he got himself some quality shaving tools 😉

  • My husband has that brush and he absolutely LOVES it! He’s also spoken very highly of Baxter products.

  • Still thinking about kit like that..I think I will get one this year ^_^

  • Would love to win this to gift it to my uncle on his upcoming birthday!

  • Baxter makes great products. That brush looks amazing

  • Always wanted a brush like that !! This would mean the world to me 🙂

    Have you seen my Lates editorial on Le Blog : ‘ Minimal Snob ‘
    Greets Jon

  • Justin

    Baxter of California products are the absolute best! I would love it if I could win this giveaway!

  • Julio Corona

    Been lookin for one for so long but they’re all expensive

  • Tom Allan

    Amazing lineup from Baxter of California, would love to try them, they look so luxurious

  • Awesome shave kit! It looks so elegant!! Want one ;-))

  • wow !! this post makes me want get my hands on these babies !!

  • Closing King

    My father used a brush, shaving soap and classic razor when i was a kid. As silly as it may sound, watching him shave was bonding time, a ritual i looked forward to. Now i have my own sons and they are just as fascinated. I’d love to to try Baxter’s kit!