The Statement Slipper

In our fashionably minimal world where, it seems, perfecting the understatement is king, if one must say something then my advice would invariably be, ‘go with the slogan tee’ (more specifically, look to Acne Studios and Calvin Klein). That was until the slipper stepped-up as a serious contender in the statement-making department. Sartorially speaking, it remains unrivaled in its expression of luxury (ease being a slipper’s point, of-course). But when custom needlework and embroidery become part of its genesis the result, which Stubbs and Wootton has inarguably mastered, is unparalleled in wit and charm. I recently sampled a selection of their slippers, and as for favorites? The grey felted pair is exceptional, both in color and cleverness.

– Shop a selection of Stubbs and Wootton here. Photographs by Alexander Atkins.pheasant-stubbs-and-wootton-slipperssnob-stubbs-and-wootton-slippersscew-u-stubbs-and-wootton-slippers

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