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Unless you’re follicly challenged (in which case, share this with a friend!) you might be interested to note that after numerous showers and hair styling sessions I can report a devout fondness for AG Hair‘s new line of products. And even if your approach to haircare is characteristically nonchalent because “shampoo is shampoo”, know this: shampoo is not just shampoo. Some shampoos deliver actual, verifiable results (and even double as body washes). Others most definitely do not.

Hair ages, just like skin (which is probably why hair has it’s own sunscreen). So the point becomes this: care for your hair and your hair will care for you. Ingredients matter! Avoid salt! Let me explain. While each AG product is packaged attractively and effuses a fresh yet mild scent, my main concern (as with all things grooming) is performance and precision. If AG’s Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner & Shaving Lotion encapsulate one thing it is the spirit of efficiency – not only because they eliminate room for error in the bathroom (three hours of sleep paired with 7am wake-up calls often result misapplication of various items, and just in case you’re curious, yes, exfoliator is a bitch to wash out of your hair). Active ingredients including menthol, aloe vera, hydrolyzed oats (for moisture, of course) and Vitamin E all pack serious nutritional punch. Other essentials including panthenol, keratin and silk amino acids work to restore strength, balance and elasticity. For styling the options are many. Go strong and sharp with Welding Paste, or glossy and carefree with Waxx. My preference, however, is Stucco – a matte, non-greasy moldable formulation crafted from oceanic sea clay that conditions and moisturizes the hair while offering a medium, natural hold. Also, I recently learnt to apply product liberally on damp hair… game changer.

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