Shades of Fall: Cutler & Gross Acetate and Metal Sunglasses

You may be wondering how justified you are in wearing sunglasses this fall – I contemplate this particular conundrum often. The light appears gradually dimmer (which is to say you’re not exactly squinting) and moments spent basking in pure, unobstructed sunlight are now rare. But thinking you’re not burning your retinas by avoiding sunglasses because, “it’s fall and I don’t need them” does not mean you aren’t. In-fact you are – just think of street glare! And so in the name of healthy, happy eyes, I continued my quest to discover the perfect pair of shades.

Graham Cutler & Tony Gross, the British-borne optometrist duo and founders of their eponymous London-based brand have, in a display of impeccable craftsmanship and design, created the best square frame I’ve ever tried. Everything is right. The bold black acetate with gold highlight detail frames are crafted by-hand in Italy (which generally means they’ll make the right impression). With a slight twinge of retro, Cutler & Gross’ shades feel good (no really, the weight is just right) and sit steady. In-short the perfect pair of the season.

– TIP: Square frames suit round and oval faces. Shop a selection of Cutler & Gross at MR PORTER.COM. Photographs by Alexander Atkins.  

cutler-and-gross-sunglasses cutler-and-gross-square-sunglasses cutler-and-gross-square-frame-shades black-and-gold-mens-sunglasses cutler-and-gross-sunglasses-for-mencutler-and-gross-square-frame-sunglasses cutler-and-gross-mens-sunglasses retro-frame-mens-sunglasses

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