How to pack


How To Pack

Each time I travel home my mother will never fail to impart the benefits of a well-packed bag. After years of rolling, folding and fitting everything into the tightest of nooks, I’m realizing she has a point. (For starters, no one wants to deal with broken Aesop… ever). Consequentially, I’ve acquired a certain skill set that invariably leads to the best arrivals. My five essential packing hacks, below:

1.) Keep it tight: Avoiding cavernous spaces in your suitcase will ensure everything sits snug and stays safe (which is especially important during bumpy trips). If my luggage is looking empty, I’ll add an extra windbreaker or scarf to help fill-in the gaps.

2.) Let’s roll: I love the appeal of a beautifully folded tee, but hate dealing with creases. Rolling your shirts and tees will effectively allow you to pack more, all while dramatically reducing the risk of incurring any seriously deep wrinkles.

3.) Pack smart: I’ve often fallen victim to overpacking (which is actually the worst as it means you’ll have less room for shopping). Take a moment and think, especially about the statement pieces you plan on bringing. What will you actually wear? Also remember a washing machine at your destination is your best friend.

4.) Bulk up: I once wore three winter coats on a flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam, because options are everything. Besides, you may be surprised at your layering prowess (I know I was).

5.) Take the things you ♡: I’ll usually check my luggage as it allows me to pack more, including full-sized toiletries. Long trips are lovely, but bringing a few favorites from home always help keep me sane when I’ve had enough.

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  • Violette
  • Rach

    These are definitely great tips! I roll my clothes and find it the most effective way to pack!

  • Demeler

    wait so you’re not supposed to throw everything in there and sit on it praying it closes? love your tips super helpful! definitely going to start rolling my T-shirts now!


      Hahaha! I’ve definitely done that x

  • Kangkan Rabha

    Like always so great post, & really thanks for sharing your tips. Now I’m ready pack. 😛

  • Dominique

    Great tips, I’m all about rolling to stop creasing too!! xx

  • Kosta Karakashyan

    Lol when your luggage is looking a bit empty? A new concept to me. I’m the person who came back from the US with 3 checked bags, a carry-on and a huge backpack.

    Kosta // Cool Gear Cavalier


      I’ve learnt to cut out the crap – makes travel a lot easier :0

  • thenewgirl

    Great tips! P.S I love your travel essentials!

  • Beauty Follower

    I must admit… i hat packing.
    Summer is the time of the year that i pack the most, and every time i open my suitcase i just do not know from where to begin :(
    Thanks for the tips!

  • Maray

    Great post! Kisses :)

  • Matthew Pike

    All makes sense to me. 3 coats at once, you’re mad! ha, funny. Also, I’ve never had much look with the rolling idea.

    Buckets & Spades


      True story! Ryanair may have been involved LOL

  • Jordan Simpson

    Rolling really works however still always end up with creased clothes…


      Hard to avoid, but rolling helps I swear!

  • Bloggers_Boyfriend

    omg ! all these goodies ! Can I borrow!

  • Bloggers_Boyfriend

    your photos are soooo dam goood ! x