Old Spice Bar Soap

Let’s talk about an American icon for just a second. Old Spice is the quintessential American man’s go-to grooming brand. And for good cause. With over 75 years of experience as an American grooming authority, Old Spice provides all types of American men with an expansive product portfolio that includes antiperspirants, sprays, after-shaves and colognes. But it’s so much more than that you guys. Let’s face it, everyone has some type of Old Spice memory. Whether it was your father’s post-shave scent, awkwardly buying your first deodorant, or even having to endure this guy on Super Bowl Sunday – we all have some type of affinity with the brand.   So let’s chat soap. Hopefully I’m not reaching for the stars in assuming we all use some type of body wash, yes? Well put your liquid bubbles aside, dear reader. We’re becoming O.G. in the blogosphere today. Essentially there’s nothing quite like soap. OK, so you’ve probably used some sad, measly little bar of soap that you found in a destitute bathroom at some point. STOP. Reclaim what’s rightfully yours. Thankfully the people at Old Spice have developed a range of bar soaps that work well and smell great. Available in three signature scents (Fiji, Pure Sport and Swagger), Old Spice is all about getting your smell on. My favorite is Fiji – not just for its balmy tropical scent, or for the island’s proximity to New Zealand. I’m into it for its ability to inspire island living. It’s all about escapism (something I’ve chatted about before) – even if just for a few minutes. The point is I’ll take what I can get, and so should you. Spice up your life, and welcome to Monday.

All three Old Spice bar soaps are widely available in 6-packs for purchase. The post is kindly sponsored by Old Spice.
what do you think?
  • Les

    which is the blue one in the middle?

    • Hi Les, the blue one is Fiji.

      • Ryan Mitchell

        No retard the blue is swagger fiji is the white bar

        • Mike Oxbig

          Shut the fuck up, bitch.

          • dentabill

            you STFU. he’s correct.

          • The middle soap in the last shot is Fiji. Can we put this to bed? 😂

  • Dick Davies

    What scent is the green and white bars???