Why I Went Smart

I’ve consciously avoided wearable tech (and therefore the smartwatch phenomenon) not because I’m a traditionalist and think a watch should strictly keep time… I’ve just never found one I liked. For me a timepiece has to be discrete and unobtrusive, but above all that, it must be beautiful.

I’m a slave to clean design, but also to efficiency and the tools that promote it. Why Movado’s latest collaboration with HP works for me is simple: It complements my daily routine via a slew of handy functions. There’s an art to knowing when one needs a buzz or visual cue, and when it’s appropriate to just tell time. The Movado Bold Motion can be customized to do just that, by receiving notifications of pending calls or texts from the people who matter most. What’s more, calendar appointments and daily activity trackers monitor progress and set goals – a constant reminder to avoid cabs and get walking!

But my favorite feature of the Movado Bold Motion, Engineered by HP is its uncomplicated design, emphasized by a sleek face, smooth contouring and a sporty rubber strap. Of course I’ll still dream of all the exquisite timepieces I’ve coveted since childhood, but adding this new ticker to my rotation seems smart.

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