Craving Camouflage

I don’t usually have an addictive personality – I promise. But sometimes you just find yourself on a bender, you know?
I mean it could be worse. It could be all about obsessively collecting stuff until you end-up on an episode of Hoarders (actually that sounds sorta fun, kinda). 

Well this particular fixation is camouflage. I suppose it all started with Dries Van Noten’s SS/13 menswear show – but I’m not about to blame Dries for anything…ever. It really began in 8th grade biology class and it’s actually Charles Darwin’s fault – because he basically invented the concept, and biology class (which I hated).
At this stage I think I’ve made my love of anything camouflage pretty well known (here, here and here). So it should come as little surprise that we continued our affair this weekend in Soho – my new Civilianaire Field Jacket and I. Sure, I had to layer-up (and even don this Woolrich fur trapper hat). But here’s the deal: me and my camo coat – we’re buddies.  
*Civilianaire’s Field Jacket is available in three sizes. Click here to purchase.


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