An American (Psycho) Routine:

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m a slave to my grooming routine.

And yes there is method to my moisturizing madness, sub-arctic eye spooning sessions (!) and bizarre application techniques. But honestly after all is said (and done) I just feel great. So in light of that revelation I thought we should look at easily the most compulsive and detail-oriented of grooming routines ever documented – that of Mr. Patrick Bateman. 

Bateman believes in taking care of himself, “a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise routine”. That all sounds fantastically GOOP-esque, yet something tells me we won’t catch Gwyneth doing her crunches wearing ice-googles anytime soon. 
In the shower PB uses a deep pore cleansing lotion. I love Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cream Cleanser – it leaves skin insanely soft and revitalized. Also, Patrick always exfoliates. Me, well I’m obsessed with La Mer’s Refining Facial – a scrub that delicately polishes and resurfaces the tissue, prepping the face for a great moisturizer. 
While PB loves a good herb-mint facial mask, I prefer something like the Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, a lychee and Kombucha-infused treatment rich in anti-oxidants.   
As you know I’m devoted to La Mer – probably for life. It’s cold in NYC you guys, so nothing (no, really nothing) will ever compare to the ultra-luxe moisture provided by the original Crème de la Mer. Sure you’ll need to come to terms with the whole warming-up-the-cream thing, but mastering your routine will having you reaping in the benefits. Just look at Mr. Bateman below – he’s reveling in them.
Happy Friday!
*Watch the complete (and psychotic) routine of Patrick Bateman by clicking here.
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