Miansai’s Moment

Let me level with you real quick: I’m totally the person that whips out an iPhone to add four plus seven.

I like to think it’s because I’m into accuracy, but truthfully I’m awful at maths (a revelation that I’m still coming to terms with). Perhaps my lack of anything remotely mathematical is the reason why I’m fascinated by things like airplanes and elevators. When I see something that is both technical and beautiful I have a mini-freakout, you know

Well last week’s Capsule played host to my most recent episode, and jewelry brand Miansai was the instigator. I’ve long been a fan of Miansai, especially for their classic hook bracelets. After becoming slightly overwhelmed at the offerings on display, my-inner magpie and I have a new favorite: the Tarn Cuff
Available in brass and sterling silver, this screw-and-bolt hinged cuff is innovative and supremely masculine. It would look great stacked with a few other bracelets and paired with my watchMiansai, be mine?
what do you think?