Sweet Smoke

Gifting fragrance has always been entirely hit-or-miss.

Let’s face it, people get personal about their ‘signature’ scent – making it near impossible to successfully gift (even if you love it and are convinced they will too). 
All I have to say is thank god for Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection. I was recently given the Tobacco Vanille and it is with smokey-sweet enthusiasm that I report I am a fan. A real fan – think crazed football fan, OK? Perhaps it’s because I love the smell of burning cigars, or maybe it’s because I can’t get over the bottle. Inspired by a chess piece, it looks superb on my shelf – check-mate indeed.

At anyrate I’m into it, and you should be too.
*Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrances (including Tobacco Vanille) are available to purchase online at Neiman Marcus. Click here for details.
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