Shorts & Stripes

Shorts, in all their above-the-knee glory, are to men what dresses and skirts are to women. Think liberation, increased chances for tanned legs, perhaps even the occasional up-short breeze (ahhh). So it’s settled. Shorts are your friend (and FYI, I forbid Capris). I grew-up in shorts, which is to say I still wear them whenever I can. Besides the obvious respite from the oft torturous constraint of a full pant leg, shorts make shoes a focal point. They also add height – which everyone should be very excited about.

Stripes, in all their horizontal splendor, are complete essentials for summer. (Remember, everyone digs the nautical thing.) I’m thinking relaxed, Gwyneth-in-the-Hamptons-hanging-with-Jay-Z vibes. And besides all that, you know what goes well with stripes? Garrett Leight sunglasses, a beige cap a pair of Camel Chukkas and a Rolex (side-note, the watch probably works with everything). I suppose the direction here is decidedly Scott Disick, which wasn’t the entirely point, I promise. But hey, when in Rome…

– Alexander Atkins, wearing a Rag & Bone sweater, Garrett Leight California Optical Sunglasses, Trask Chukkas and Forever 21 shorts, photographed by Izzy Tuason in New York.


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