Minimally Mondaine

Whether you’re after that perfect leather bifold or an exceptionally tailored jacket, the hunt for essentials is consistently thrilling. One day you’ll spot something, knowing that soon it will be yours. Perhaps you’ll quietly stalk it and after deeming its purchase essential, you’ll inch closer. Then, with a single swipe of a credit card, you’ll commit to the kill. But why, when it comes to time, have I often felt compelled to wait? I want that ‘serious’ watch (one with automatic movement and varying degrees of complication), but a serious watch requires serious finance. Thankfully there are several intermediate solutions that remain uncompromisingly superior.

Mondaine, in all its minimal Bauhaus glory, should be considered a principle player in minimal design. First created in 1944 by a Swiss engineer as a clock face for the Swiss railway platforms, Mondaine has become known for its directional aesthetic. The iconic red-paddle shaped second hand is inspired by the paddles used to signal the arrival and departure of trains. Favored amongst the architect and design set (i.e. anyone in a turtleneck), Mondaine‘s characteristic timepieces are decidedly unfussy. In terms of mechanics (and in an effort ensure that renowned Swiss precision), the second hand completes a circle in 58 seconds and waits for its  minute counterpart before both commence their next rotation. In all, the design is bold but not stark – all while evoking the spirit of efficiency.

– Mondaine’s Stop2Go Brushed Steel Timepiece conveys a sleek, distinguished vibe. Click here to shop. Photographs by Alexander Atkins.


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