Sock It To Me, Missoni!

Here’s a thought: would the cast of Happy Feet have been even happier had they been wearing Missoni socks? I sure am (I bought my first pair in Florence and haven’t looked back since). Despite being a staunch advocate for an ‘en plen air’, sock-less type existence (it’s my inner Kiwi), know this: the right sock is to a shoe what a well-fitted shirt is to a jacket. Think fit, complementary colors, texture – it’s a make or break type deal. And if you’re attempting to up-the-sartorial-ante know that a plain dress sock simply won’t do – mostly because I’m judging your ankles.

From iconic zig-zags (perfect for all-black looks – think pop!) to subtle, dark prints constructed from tactile wool blends, Missoni delivers something for everyone’s feet. Horizontal stripes in countless shades of blue, taupe and green, or micro zig-zags in grays, blacks and whites will all inject life and dimension into casual and business looks alike. Gone are the days of faded, worn-in holy socks (I swear there’s a spiritual joke in there somewhere). In short, it’s time to put our very best feet forward.

– A carefully selected sock has the ability to bring everything full-circle. Shop Missoni’s enviable options here. Photos by Alexander Atkins.

missoni-printsmissoni-mens-pattern-socksmissoni-pattern-socksmissoni-sockmissoni-printed-socksmissoni-socks-pattern missoni-socks missoni-mens-socks-patterns

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