Forever Summer: Slim Aarons’ La Dolce Vita

As the long, hot days of summer slowly simmer down (and any opportunity of wearing all-white with complete confidence dwindles) it becomes relevant to reflect. Where did you go, who did you meet, and importantly; what did you wear? The point, you see, is to source and track real-life inspiration – and to make a concerted effort to improve. So, in the spirit of efficiency (but mostly because I know how valuable a good source of inspiration is) I suggest consulting the most helpful reference on how to summer in style: Slim Aarons’ La Dolce Vita.

Never has the essence of a season been captured, printed and bound as within the pages of La Dolce Vita – a photo diary of, as Aarons put it, “attractive people who are doing attractive things in attractive places.” The curation of photographs (spanning several decades) aptly illustrates how the quintessential Italian summer should be spent – lounging in-front of ancestral villas or basking in the midday sun aboard speeding yachts. From Joan Fontaine in Rome to Gianni Versace in Como and Caprice Chantal in Capri, Aarons’ visual masterpiece ensures an all-access pass to the very best playgrounds on Earth (you know, those that are abundantly infused with wealth, celebrity and aristocracy?). So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in a world filled with carefree opulence, gilded palazzos and crystal clear seas. You’re welcome.

– A well-rounded coffee table book collection is essential. For more information and to shop La Dolce Vita, click here


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