Lumira’s Candles Are Seriously Zen

There are moments, mostly after work, when I’ll sit in my living room and quietly zone out. According to yogis it’s healthy. “Focus on your breathing, let your mind go blank” they’ll softly say. I’m trying it all right now, and failing. Surely they must be on to something… Perhaps it’s in moments of mental vacancy that we can truly relax?

Of course we’re all aware of the simple steps we can take to induce tranquility, like 1) mediation, 2) a warm bath, or 3) flicking through a magazine. (You’ll invariably find me scrolling a Slim Aarons-laden tumblr feed – it’s the pools.) But if you’re looking to up-the-ante know this: all the aforementioned actions are made infinitely better by burning a scented candle. Lumira’s Leather and Cedar candle is just the ticket, mostly because it effuses an elegant fragrance that is anything but overbearing. Notes including a medley of ground spices, dark Amber Accord, French Leather, Smooth Cedarwood and Ladbanum Tree are all conducive for creating that peaceful, relaxing vibe. And if I’m really honest, the packaging doesn’t hurt either.

– Burning Tip: to ensure an even and smoke-free burn, trim the wick to a length of approximately ¼ inch before lighting. For more information and to shop, click here


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