Softcore Normcore

Let’s chat about the interesting phenomenon that places emphasis on the mundane – Normcore. I got a whiff in San Francisco (but dismissed it as ‘Granola’) and later, in Silverlake, became quite familiar. I suppose the principle idea is that ‘Mom Jeans’ are generally OK, while socks and sandals are an absolute must (mine are old Prada’s and exceptionally comfortable, thanks mostly to the fact that they’re practically orthopedic and therefore completely essential).

On to definitions. Perhaps the fusion of “normal” and “hardcore” can only be interpreted as really, really wanting to appear normal? It’s about making a conscience decision to seem unexceptional, but fashionably so. Everything is carefully curated. That means the pleat in those khakis or the diaper-butt effect of those jeans is precisely the point (that goes for both him and her, FYI). Need references? Think Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld and Ross Gellar. Maybe the whole thing is a reaction to the quick-paced, wear today discard tomorrow, rat race of fast fashion. Although my attempt is decidedly softcore, I’ve consciously opted to incorporate key elements inherent to the Normcore movement: a sweater-vest, shorts, a white shirt, sandals and the obligatory socks. Now, let’s grab our FILA’s and head to Central Perk.

– Alexander Atkins wearing a Civilianaire camo jacket, Missoni sweater vest, Uniqlo shirt, Illesteva shades and Prada sandals, photographed by Izzy Tuason in Williamsburg New York. Special thanks to ‘The Craigster’ for seriously good Normcore knowledge.


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