Le Labo Rose 31 Perfume Oil

The first thing that’s remarkable about Le Labo’s Rose 31 Perfume Oil (aside from the fact that it is an oil) is that it’s vegan friendly. Things, you see, are verging on the Stella McCartney side of things, which begs the question; is this perfume gluten free too? Regardless, I’ve gradually fallen in love.

Rose 31 is exceptional, and not just for its understated woody cedar and spicy cumin notes. With time this fragrance grows and evolves. The delicate safflower oil carrier-base and additional notes (including rose and limonene) react with skin, creating a lasting yet subdued impression. (Remember, wearing too much perfume isn’t only headache-inducing, it’s obnoxious.) What’s more, Rose 31 is uncomplicated.

With perfume you might often question your application ritual. Should you Estée Lauder-it by spritzing the area directly in front of your body and walk into the mist? Or should you make like perfumer Yann Vasnier and spray right onto your wrists? (Experts at Tom Ford warned me that rubbing wrists together after application crushes and alters the fragrance – although this remains disputed.) With Le Labo’s Rose 31 there is but one option – an uncomplicated, completely directional, care-free option. The included pipette is used to apply a few drops to your wrists, neck and hair. Because Le Labo contains no alcohol, the oil will work to moisturize, soften and perfume. Sounds like a triple threat to me…

– Le Labo Rose 31 Perfume Oil is available at Mr Porter. Click here for more information.




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