Givenchy’s Biker Jacket is #veryMRPORTER

I’ve always admired the likes of Givenchy and Saint Laurent, and not just because their prototypical male comes to personify Parisian style each season. I admire their unapologetic approach to design; real attention to detail, a sensical use of texture, and of-course being consistent in achieving a perfect fit. It’s unsurprising then, that during a routine virtual window-shopping excursion on MR PORTER, Givenchy’s Shearling-Trimmed Leather Biker Jacket stole my heart. With my face firmly pressed-up to the screen, I imagined its buttery leather – a musky, rich aroma enveloping me (comparable only to Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather). I could practically feel (if only in pixels) the cool, silver hardware and the cushion-like shearling trim.

Forgive my enthusiasm, but finding the right leather jacket can be hugely tasking – which itself is indicative of how important the whole process is. You’ll want something that’s you – for sure. But more specifically you’ll want something characteristic of the leather jacket-wearing you (there is a difference). Case-in-point, I found myself in Givenchy’s inimitable lambskin number. Why? There’s substance, weight, and room for movement –all without so much as an inch of compromise on the fit. (And F.Y.I. without fit you’re fat.) What’s more, there’s serious luxe-factor – for one the ribbing of the shoulder is actual perfection. Paired with a forrest green and yellow checked shirt by Maison Kitsuné, reflective lenses by Garrett Leight, slim-fitting Acne jeans and Gucci’s classic loafers, the vibe is definitively set to casually tailored. The tone? Decidedly trans-continental, with (and dare I say it?) an updated James Dean reference thrown-in for good measure. In-short, it’s the best damn jacket I’ve ever worn.

For a chance to win a £1000 gift-card, MR PORTER.COM is asking readers to submit images that are #veryMRPORTER to them. Take inspiration from the likes of James Dean, Mohammed Ali, and Frank Sinatra – and tag @MRPORTERLive using the #veryMRPORTER hashtag. Photographs by Izzy Tuason.

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