Essentials: Acne Studios Wallet

Wallets are everything in that they a.) hold your money / credit cards / etc, and b.) actually reflect your personality. So in the spirit of always putting your best foot forward (which, by-the-way, should always be the priority), you may or may not be in need of an upgrade – and by that I mean get an upgrade. It’s time.

Personally it’s always been about that perfectly compact wallet situation. Something that isn’t fussy or bulky but still makes a statement. I did the Gucci Guccissima thing for a while and yes, it was spectacular if you’re going for the whole chic euro-trash vibe, but I’ve moved on (even if I haven’t entirely gotten over this song). Currently I use a crocodile card holder for everything. It’s very minimal which has it’s pros (no cash or that dreaded jingle of coins) and cons (no cash and no coins to jingle at all). Basically I got it because I loved touching the croc’s spine – which, admittedly, is weird. 
The real point is that I recently discovered Acne’s zipped leather wallet. The bright bolt of blue means you’ll easily find it and it’s got a zip, which actually is a big deal. Zips equate to you being able to have the option of coins (yay laundromats?). Aside from the aforementioned practicalities, in true Acne style it looks pretty damn good – which doesn’t hurt one bit when settling-up. So that’s always something.

Browse and shop Acne’s zipped leather wallet here.
– Photos by Alexander Atkins
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