The Business Card Knife

From peeling apples to cutting climbing chord, I’ll never forget the countless ways in which a handy pocket-knife saved the day / week / entire vacation. Its only drawback ever was bulk – and of-course it being an obvious knife (airport security…). But the evolution of the pocket-knife, it appears, has taken a parallel to that of cell phones and fashion models. Namely, everything’s gotten very slim.

I’d be fibbing if I said my inner James Bond gadget-geek wasn’t excited about the concept of a pocket sized, fold-out credit card – which Sydney-based Bad Goods subsequently delivered. Sleek, with a purpose, and able to fit inside a standard credit card holder, I’m not left wanting for much. The hideaway knife unlocks and intuitively folds open (in origami-like fashion) to reveal a blade. The blade then folds-out and is secured in-place by five miniature snaps that line the newly formed handle. Put bluntly, design most definitely has met function here.

– Bad Goods’ pocket sized, fold-out credit card knife is essential to any wallet or cardholder. Click here to shop Bad Goods. Photographs by Alexander Atkins.

bad-goods-knife-card bad-goods-business-card bad-goods-knife-business-card-knife business-card-knife bad-goods-knifefold-out-business-card-knife bad-goods-essentials

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