Aesop’s Great Breath

If Kim Kardashian’s sixth sense is an ability to ‘smell cavities’, surely she would recommend Aesop’s new mouthwash.

Why? It’s pretty great. And by great I mean it tastes amazing – so for a mouthwash that is, well, refreshing. I’m all for mouthwash(ing), partly because it keeps your dental bill somewhat manageable, but mostly because there is nothing worse then bad breath. Seriously.

So when Aesop partnered with the Dia Art Foundation for an evening of wine, charcuterie and art I couldn’t resist. While guests were whisked-off for private tours of Walter De Maria‘s installations (The New York Earth Room and The Broken Kilometer), I got the low-down on the ‘Bain de Bouche‘. A gentle mix of clove bud, aniseed and spearmint leave your mouth incredibly happy (mine’s been smiling all day). The alcohol-free formulation means the whole experience is far less invasive than your standard supermarket variety and the ingredients work in your favor, keeping the mouth moisturized. 
Basically this might be the best thing to come out of Australia in a while (possibly ever?) – and as a New Zealander that’s really saying something.
*Aesop’s new mouthwash is available in-stores and online. For more information and to purchase click here.
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