Aesop Store, San Francisco

My somewhat obsessive fascination with everything Aesop has clearly reached new heights as I’m now stalking their stores. But there is a very good reason – namely the stuff actually works (which is a HUGE deal). So when Aesop invited me to visit their spot in San Francisco’s Fillmore district I couldn’t possibly refuse. (Just think ‘kid in a candy shop’ – that was me…)

The long and narrow store at 2450 Fillmore Street (which opened in December 2012 and was designed by NADAAA) is everything you would expect it to be: sleek, minimal (but by no means boring) and, in true Aesop fashion, impeccably merchandized. Also, immediately being offered freshly brewed herbal tea goes a long way in terms of experiencing that unique Aesop vibe, which I’m all about. As expected the entire visit was delightful and engaging, I even made some new friends!

Meet Aesop’s Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream and Serum. Both are great in ways only friends can be – reliable, kind and (most importantly) effective. The fact that they deliver an abundance of vitamin-rich nutrients, concentrated anti-oxidants and fatty acids that all serve to promote smoothe, soft, clear and bright under-eye skin only boosts my love for them. Yes, l.o.v.e – I said it. Because eyes, you see, are the key to everything.

– Photos by Alexander Atkins. To learn more and shop click here.

aesop-parsley-seed-anti-oxidant-eye-cream aesop-parsley-seed-anti-oxidant-eye-serum

aesop-parsley-seed-anti-oxidant-eye aesop-products-san-franciscoaesop-parsley-seed-mr-essentialist aesop-parsley-seed-products aesop-san-francisco parsley-seed-anti-oxidant-eye-cream

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