A Perfectly Murderous Routine

Anybody that knows me knows I have a thing for great apartments, Gwyneth Paltrow and bath-time routines.

All three glorious things miraculously converge in A Perfect Murder – aka the perfect movie. Yes, GP’s breathtaking Upper East Side apartment (shared with Michael Douglas) is insanely large, but what really get’s me is the Japanesque bathroom’s tap – I’m oddly obsessed. Plumbing-fixtures aside, her bath-time ritual ain’t too shabby either. I mean really people, what did you expect? 

Let’s start with scented candles. Creating a mood of some variety is key to blissful relaxation. So in the spirit of mood-making I recently visited Barneys, purely for research purposes – I promise (sort-of). I immediately loved Le Labo’s Santal 26 Vintage candle. Described as aristocratic, smokey and leathery, it is reminiscent of Diptyque’s Feu de Bois – perfect for recreating that wood-fired-hottub-in-Aspen feeling. It’s also housed in a recycled tin can, so that’s something.
Bubble-bath time! Yes, you should be excited because only fun things have bubbles – like Ruinart, which is super fun. When it comes to bath-time bubbles nothing compares to SugarBath Lychee Bath Cubes by Fresh. A few cubes will transform your tub into a lychee-infused cloudy-dream. Bicarbonate soda and brown sugar complex form massaging bubbles that exfoliate your skin, leaving it renewed and refreshed.
Creating an atmosphere conducive to alleviating stress is easy. Gwyneth messing it up by cheating on Michael with Viggo – and Michael paying Viggo to murder her – well that’s a bit harder. I mean GP does seem slightly worried about it, below…
Happy Weekend!
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