Garrett Leight California Optical

At this stage I’d say I’ve made my feelings pretty clear on sunglasses and glasses? If not, well, hello! I love them.

Shades are by far my favorite accessory. Not only can they hide bloodshot eyes after a boozy dinner or brunch – (no judgement here!) – they also add an element of mystery, surprise even. Let me explain…

Have you ever met someone and wondered what their eyes were like, behind their shades? Let’s face it, eyes are a big deal and a huge factor in creating beauty – remember the National Geographic girlSo in the spirit of creating allure and becoming an IMM (International Man of Mystery) I am always on the prowl for new shades. 
Garrett Leight California Optical, a Venice based brand founded by the son of people behind Oliver Peoples is my new obsession. GLCO’s mission is to create classic frames through a combination of ‘perfect craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics’. 
I love the Rialto and ombre Brooks frames (below). But I live for the Harding in champagne (above). 
Sounds good? Yeah, I thought so.

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