The New York City Beanie

Something obvious happened at New York Fashion Week: every Tom, Dick and Harry did the oversized beanie thing.

Perhaps we’re all having a string of bad hair days? It’s possible but let’s be honest, this trend is everywhere. Practically speaking I get it, it’s really cold (damn-you windchill factor!) and there really is nothing worse than freezing ears. 

Frostbite aside I’ve long been a fan of the basic beanie, especially my Missoni number. But I’ll admit the oversized thing and I only recently became acquainted, and boy am I pleased we met! Paired with classic tortoise shell Ray-Ban Wayfarer’s, some token camouflage, a Prada windbreaker and a standard grey hoodie (for good measure, you know?) – the oversized beanie has quickly become an integral part of my urban uniform. We’ll reconvene in Spring, but I can pretty much guarantee the beanie and I are going to be hanging out for a while.
Happy Weekend!
*The olive cuffed acrylic-blend beanie is available to purchase at American Apparel. Click here to purchase. 
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