Hermès Ads – How Life Should Be

Thursdays mean we all need inspiration. You’re fine, but a Hermès-infused life means you’ll soon be exceptionally fine.

It’s quite simple really. The world Hermès creates evokes escapism. Pure unadulterated escapism (undeniably the best kind), which we can all use from time-to-time, non? I’ve definitely sat in admiration for hours on-end.  I mean, being transported to the center of Lake Como on a Hermès bike, all while wearing the grandest foulard ever and Parfum des Merveilles is really quite something. That being said, if leading an ox over the Himalayas by hand-crafted custom reins, in a cashmere overcoat and fitted lambskin gloves doesn’t do anything for you, well I’m at a complete loss. Here’s hoping you’re into it…

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