David Seidner: Portraits

If regalness could be captured and sold, it would undoubtedly manifest itself in David Seidner’s series of society portraits.

If you’re anything like me (who knows, there may be more of us?) then discovering Seidner’s work is kind-of a big huge deal. Sure, Seidner might be known for shooting some pretty incredible editorials for Italian Vogue, Paris Vogue and Vanity Fair, but there’s nothing quite like a classic society portrait. Essentially the whole immortalized-in-paint-Dorian-Gray thing is kind of appealing, no?

In Portraits (Assouline), Seidner captures modern-day actors, models and aristocrats through a fusion of costume, set-design and technique. The result: each photograph evokes a mood inherent to neo-classic 19th century portraiture. The works of Ingres, Sargent (a personal favorite) and Boldini serve as clear inspiration, while the subjects (including Lord Glenconner, India Hicks, the Miller sisters (!) and Anderson Cooper) effortlessly pay hommage to their 19th century counterparts.  
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*David Seidner: Portraits is available to purchase online. Click here for more information.
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