Summertime Cashmere

Perhaps it’s unbearably hot / humid, OR maybe you’ve lucked out and it’s both (here’s hoping the a/c works). But despite what Al Roker may predict or how disgustingly ‘soupy’ it may become, summertime cashmere is a thing – trust me (I’ve learnt from experience). In short cashmere is fine, exceptionally soft, and at-once durable. It’s also excellent for insulation (point being I’m petitioning to build a shrine dedicated to the Cashmere Goat, who actually possesses hair, not wool).

While things heat-up come summer, they also invariably cool down – especially at dusk. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve kicked myself for failing to layer for dinner. Enter summertime cashmere, the ultimate solution for those nippy nights. Lightweight and deliciously luxe, a simple cashmere sweater is the perfect addition to your summer rotation. Jahangir and Bride’s fitted hoody in taupe is ideal for long days spent at the beach (Cape Cod anyone?), while Missoni’s black, grey and white cashmere-blend zig-zagged cardigan is classically practical. Of course a light grey cashmere crew-neck is appropriate for most occasions (including last minute jaunts on yachts), making it a staple in every wardrobe.

– Shop a selection of my favorite cashmere sweaters below. For more information on Jahangir and Bride, click here. Photos by Alexander Atkins.


what do you think?
  • As a person living in a hot and very humid country I agree with you. Other people thought just because it’s hot they thought they should wear less clothing but they didn’t know how harsh the sun rays that’s why they should wear long sleeves and how cold the night will be, sometimes it even rains for ten minutes. Great post!

  • I absolutely love cashmere. You are so right it can definitely be worn in the summer! I just use a looser weave!