Spring, Are You There?

Here’s the thing: Spring, with its promise of balmy afternoons followed by cool, leather jacket-appropriate evenings is actually a mean-spirited joke. It seems Mother Nature, while we adore her, can be quite the fickle mistress. What’s more, (and as everyone in the Tri-State area will attest) you just have to get real about keeping warm. Layers are your friend. Continue to embrace them, no matter how arduous a task it may seem (especially now, given it’s April). And as for the promise of evenings spent al fresco imbibing perfectly frosted glasses of Chablis? Hang tight. I spy sunshine on the horizon…

Top Coat / Vince Camuto • Varsity Jacket / Asos • Sunglasses / Garrett Leight California Optical • Beanie / Merino Possum • Jeans / Acne • Sneakers / New Balance


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