Don’t Nix A Nixon

There are days when that omni-present, lingering dream of owning a “serious” ticker (think gold-set, hand-crafted, automatic movement with several complications) is at the forefront of my mind. But then reality bites and I’m swiftly reminded that things like rent, smartphone bills, and the occasional drink must remain priorities. So how is a twenty-five year-old supposed to achieve Lord Disick-worthy wrist game without a.) breaking the bank, or b.) having to “borrow” from his father and subsequently proclaim it vintage?

Enter Nixon, the California-based surf / lifestyle brand that has been consistent in producing sharp, elegant and perfectly minimal timepieces since ’97. The now-classic ‘Cannon‘ makes an especially sophisticated statement owed to its sleek, no-fuss and directional design. Available in a slew of colorways and finishes, Nixon’s iconic tickers (in matte black and rose gold) are quickly emerging as two of my favorite things.

Nixon‘s Cannon is at once classic and contemporary. Shop a selection of my favorite Nixon watches below.


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