Prime Time: Hermès Cape Cod GMT

Limited real estate paired with an ongoing struggle to keep things neat and tidy has meant only absolute essentials (i.e. items used or worn out of strict necessity) can emerge from the depths of my wardrobe and onto one of several trays scattered throughout the apartment. But then beautiful things, like this oversized Hermès ticker show up, trampling ‘the rules’ by taking prime position on my trinket-tray. And rightfully so… Not only did this particular timepiece restore my general faith in square-shaped watches, it also reminded me to never overlook a leather strap. The design is particularly thoughtful – note how the Arabic numerals curve to complement the slopes of the case. Everything remains understated and detail-focused, steering clear of being remotely clunky or cumbersome (something many big watches tend to be). Created for the modern nomad, the face features an additional module and a secondary time zone, powered by self-winding movement. In short, a definite favorite for fall…

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hermes-mens-watch hermes-orange-boxes hermes-watch-leather-strap

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