Garrett Leight California Optical Kinney Frames

The defining quality between a good pair of sunglasses and a great pair is the latter’s ability to alter a vibe. Let me explain: a Christmas tree is nothing without its star – no matter how abundantly decorated any neighboring branches might be. By the same reasoning you are nothing without a good pair of shades. But why? They possess transformative powers, which is entirely the point of everything. Remember Mary-Kate in her bag lady heyday? That worked (open for debate…) in-part because she was consistent in her choice of shades (large, round, often Chanel). While her beat-up bags may have been Hermès, and the loafers were invariably crafted from exotic skins, it was MK’s sunglasses that consistently tied everything together. Flash-forward six years and the same logic applies.

If anything, Garrett Leight California Optical frames have the power to pull things together. The Kinney is elegant and, just like the Milwood, quickly proved to be versatile (at the office, on weekends, even running). Hand crafted from cured cellulose acetate and fitted with five barrel hinges, Kinney comes in several colorways with the option of polarized lenses. While Matte Black or Blonde Tortoiseshell are both classically dapper, (Scott Disick wears them, which speaks volumes I think) my favorite is the Champagne with Blue Smoke lens. Simple and wearable, in-short they’ll set the right vibe for Fall.

– Garrett Leight’s Kinney unisex frames are best suited to medium and large faces. For more details and to shop, click here. Photographs by Alexander Atkins.


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