Fall Favorites

My favorite time of year is gently approaching. The proof? Most mornings now require an additional layer, which invariably means fall is on the immediate horizon. While my love of all things autumnal may be unusual, who can resist the timeless appeal of a fine wool knit sweater worn casually under a quilted gilet?

What’s more, fall brings with it the need to get creative, especially in terms of experimenting with layers. I’ll find myself imagining textures and colors, finally to pair them and hope for a match. The key, I think, is to keep what’s happening below the waist simple. Streamlined dress pants worn with sleek sneakers is always a smart move.

Shop my entire outfit at Ted Baker. I’m wearing these sneakers, this knit, these pants, and this gilet. Follow me on @MrEssentialist for daily updates and more things I love. This post is proudly powered by Ted Baker. Photography by Leo Chang and me.

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