My Kind of Casual

There’s something to be said about the clothes we take for granted. The carefree, easy pieces we invariably wear when we’re in a rush – or worse, can’t be bothered to think. For me this ultimately equates to comfort: Simple jeans and something light for sound insulation – like a henley, paired with classic boots and shades. Alone, each piece is instrumental to the numerous outfits I’ll throw together throughout the year, but as a unit this specific grouping works to create something comfortably casual.

Perfect for weekends (or those cheeky sick days spent catching-up on errands), I’ve come to decide that nothing beats keeping things light and simple on your off moments.

Jeans & Henley / Tommy Bahama • Sunglasses / Garrett Leight • Boots / Johnston & Murphy • Photography / Talun Zeitoun 


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