Summer Showers

In other news, puddle-jumping is no longer reserved for the jet set. In fact, the occasional leap of faith across a mirky pothole is quite common for New Yorkers because, you see, it rains. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t just rain in New York like it does other places. Typically sudden and characteristically torrential, ‘rain’ invariably means the City submerges into a swampy, damp cesspool. So after surviving an inaugural summer filled with learning curves and ruined suede, I’ve discovered the ticket. Weatherproof everything! And while all prior sole searching had been conducted in the Church of Barneys, I now know to worship what works.

Coat / Joe Fresh • Shirt / Reiss • Sweater / Marni via The Real Real • Sunglasses / Saint Laurent  • Shorts / Swims • Shoes / Swims • Photography / Justin Duplantis

Swims-Shorts-Shoes summer-showers-menswear-styleSaint-Laurent-Mens-Sunglasseshow-to-wear-shorts-menswear-trend shorts-summer--menswear-style

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