Mr Essentialist ♥’s Louis Vuitton FW/13

Everything was undeniably animalistic (a touch ‘RAWR’ perhaps) at Louis Vuitton‘s FW13 presentation in Paris last week.
From perfectly understated gray leopard-print overcoats to full-throttle leopard lapels – let’s just say the beast has been let loose…on the Matterhorn

I love this collection, not only because it is Louis Vuitton (although admittedly that usually is reason enough), but also because the Matterhorn is so inspiring. And me and that mountain – well, we go way back. 

Stalking the LV Instagram page immediately following the show had me captivated by this mountaineering backpack. I’ve long had an affinity for a stellar backpack (I mean, who doesn’t?) but this has to be the pinnacle of any I’ve ever seen.

*View more images from the LV Instagram page here. Watch the full show above.

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