An Eighties Moment

Living at the intersection of the Bowery and the Lower East Side is pretty interesting (not just because it’s Chinatown).

I’ve quickly become an obsessive dumpling connoisseur (it’s all about Prosperity Dumpling FYI). More importantly I’m noticing that the local L.E.S kids could be stuck in an Eighties vortex – and that I might be into it. 

Re-watching The Breakfast Club recently hasn’t helped me stay in 2013 one bit either. I mean how can you not be into the whole contempo-casual-preppy-meets-jock-meets-valley-girl thing? Also you might remember I’m really good friends with my Ray-Bans and have been known to sport the ultimate fluffy Eighties hair, on occasion. 
To seal the deal, a recent visit to Colette had me admiring Lomography’s custom Diana F and these Kenzo sneakers. Obviously they are both gnarly – in a Ferris Bueller vintage-Nintendo kind of way. But more than that they make me nostalgic for a true Eighties revival. 
What I’m trying to say is there is something about that decade that sticks. Perhaps it’s because my favorite NZ-based band are the Kids of 88, or maybe it’s because I am a kid of 1988. Either way I have an innate affinity with anything and everything Eighties. 
*Click here for the ultimate list of Eighties expressions and slang. Click the Nintendo controller to watch my favorite scene from The Breakfast Club – Tubular, right? 
what do you think?