Annie Cassel, Store Manager, Aesop Abbot Kinney

“My initial exposure to Aesop was as a client. As someone who desires to curate an environment with a sort of considered minimalism, it takes a certain quality for any product to earn a place in my regimen. After researching the brand in-depth, I was drawn in. Every surface, from the packaging to the physical store spaces, embodies a sophisticated utilitarianism. When you walk into a signature store aromas from our Oil Burner Blends intrigue the olfactory receptors, while a complementary tea is meant to soothe. The brand recognizes the need for rituals that are both pleasurable and effective.

Since the launch of our Pleasure and Purpose campaign, we’ve been focusing on having conversations about both pleasure and purpose. The incidental treat of Aesop’s aromas and formulations is undeniable. Often it’s the first thing customers comment on when experiencing the range. But each of the many botanicals that impart Aesop products with their unique aroma are actually selected based on function and not scent – which brings us back to the idea of utilitarianism. Also, essential oils offer tangible benefits to the skin, ranging from purifying to hydrating and restoring. A peek at any Aesop product reveals our commitment to science and nature.

Skin changes should be evaluated with some regularity. Climate, diet, sleep, stress – these are factors that influence the condition of our skin. A good skincare regimen is one that can adapt to and support the skin’s needs. We also advocate the use of our formulations as part of a balanced life that includes a healthy diet, sensible exercise, a moderate intake of red wine, and a regular dose of stimulating literature. As we approach the summer, I’d advise adding an exfoliant to your cleansing routine (if we haven’t already). The Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste contains both a mechanical exfoliant (fine quartz crystal) and a chemical exfoliant (lactic acid) – which results in thoroughly polished skin. Following any cleanser, I would recommend a product like B and Tea Toner to immediately moisturize and soothe the skin. A moisturizer for the eyes, like Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum is a treat. It soaks-in rapidly, cools and protects the eye area thanks to its aloe base and anti-oxidant packed formulation. For the face, B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel is unique. It’s a light hydrator with a gel-like texture that calms the skin, infusing it with a potent dose of ingredients beneficial to all skin types. Finally don’t forget Deodorant!

I genuinely use every Aesop product depending on how my skin feels. Each product has others that complement each other beautifully. I would begin by selecting an outstanding cleanser – the likely choice would be Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser. The Parsley Seed skincare range focuses on antioxidants which protect skin from daily environmental damage. With ingredients like lactic acid, the range provides an excellent way to deeply purify the skin on a daily basis. For summer it’s important to focus on protection and prevention – SPF and antioxidants. I would pay specific attention to the Parsley Seed range and our Sage and Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream SPF 15. It’s a zinc-based SPF cream that hydrates and protects. Also, the texture is remarkable – silky. Not what you might expect.

Venice is a creative community with a rich and colorful history that is reflected everywhere you look. Retailers and restaurateurs showcase their best here, but not to be missed are Abbot Kinney eateries Gjelina, Shima, and Axe. I also enjoy browsing Chariots on Fire, El Vino, and Tortoise General Store. Just off the Abbot Kinney, I recommend a visit to Obsolete.”

– Aesop Abbot Kinney Store Manager Annie Cassel, photographed by Alexander Atkins in Venice, California. Aesop is located at 1504 1/2 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291. Special thanks to Aesop and Victoria Del Rico. 

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  • This store looks amazing! I love the vibe it projects, you captured it perfectly!

  • Denise

    So beautiful. I love Aesop and their stores are always amazing! xx